Accumulator tanks

Why is an accumulation tank necessary? An accumulator tank is actual the “heart” of a flexible heating system, then you are able to choose from different types of energy sources such as firewood, solar, pellets, wood chips, electricity, heat pump, etc.
Its job is to store the energy produced by the form of hot water. Energy is then portioned out when needed, so that it lasts as long as possible.  Therefore it is important that an accumulator tank shall be measured and designed with careful consider of the building’s needs and heating system effect.

Energy producer

Wood boiler/Stove for fire wood burning

Pellets boiler/Stove for pellets burning
Wood chips boiler/sawdust boiler
Solar panels

District heating
Immersion heater/Boiler
Heat pump
Future heating sources

Energy Consumer


Floor heater

Hot water


What do I need think about before I get started?

Dimension of accumulator tank is very important. We should know how much energy we need. How long do I have the energy to last? What kind of comforts and costs do I want? When the energy need is well specifically, then the accumulator tank dimension can be calculated. The volume and available space may determine whether you need one or more tanks, rectangular or round tanks, and depending on the size of boiler room, customers can choose to have the insulated tanks or uninsulated tanks. Extuna produces a broad range of accumulator tanks, with many different sizes to suit your unique needs and our PDF brochure shows a few different options of tanks. The last, the heat producer shall be dimensioned. Your heating system provider shall help you to get the correct dimension of accumulator tank.

How do I make it work?

Accumulator tank requires functional automation (Laddomat). Installing accumulator tank aims to obtain more convenience as well as better economy. In order to achieve this, accumulator tank shall be charged and discharged properly.  Charging automatically is recommended by heating system provider and regulated discharging is also required in order that heat can be last as long as possible. Domestic hot water for baths and showers is controlled by a mixer valve to ensure that the domestic hot water keeps the right temperature as well as prevents the risk of scalding. Heat produced by accumulator tank shall be transported to the heating system. Shunt and shunt automation are able to keep the correct water temperature from accumulator tank into heating system. In this way, sufficient heat can stay in accumulator tank longer.

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