Here you can read about our different boilers.

Pellets boiler


Pellets boiler

PV20/30 UB

Wood chips boiler

Duel-purpose boiler


Duel-purpose boiler

T300/T450 UB

Wood boiler

V202 K UB

Wood boiler duet
202 K UB Extra furnace

Security System

All heating systems must include an expansion tank to absorb excess water caused by thermal expansion, which means that expansion tank is used to absorb the increased volume of water created when water heated. There are two types of expansion tanks, open and closed, see the list of sets. In an open expansion system, water volume in expansion tank shall reach 5% of the total water volume from the whole heating system; water volume shall be reach 12 % when closed expansion system.

Installer shall carry out the installation under warm and hot water Instructions, in such a way that boiler/complete heating system’s temperature does not exceed 100° C. If the temperature is higher than 100° C, the solution could be temperature limiter and cooling coil. Otherwise, Installer can look for other solutions.

Domestic water installation shall be equipped with safety valve, check valve and shut-off valve. Installation shall also be fitted with a mixing valve so that the domestic water temperature does not exceed 65 ° C.

Preset limits of safety valve pressure shall not exceed 1.5 bar.

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